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Yemeni American Businessman

From streets of Yemen to the land of the free, Yemeni will adapt and grow.
Let’s pay homage to some of the great fellow Yemeni that have found a new life in the States but yet keep their Yemen Pride.
We will feature names, to begin with, but will update with more in-depth looks on what makes these Men and Woman so special.

We’ll feature their businesses, organizations, US Cities, and more.

Here are 10 to start with:

  • Habib Abdurrahman Az-Zahir
  • Abdul Aziz bin Hars bin Asad Yemeni Tamimi
  • Alex Green – Manages a chain of Grocery Stores and has 4 children
  • Yahya bin Muhammad as-Siraji
  • Al-Hadi Yahya – Runs a community outreach program in Baltimore, Maryland

  • Marc Terwilliger – In sunny Florida and has started a Pest Control Service
  • Abu’l-Fath an-Nasir ad-Dailami
  • Mansour Nasser al Bihani
  • Maria Al-Masani – Successful real estate agent in Tampa, Florida
  • Ad-Da’i Yusuf

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