our flags unite

Since the travel ban placed on the Muslim countries by President Trump and Yemen, being part
of the Muslim countries listed, there is a need to put out the many inspiring success stories that
the Yemenis in America have. This will go a long way in communicating the exact picture of
who the Yemenis in America are and the great contribution they have made to the United
States. Going through most of these stories one will realize that they are simply stories about a
people that used an opportunity to become better people not just for individual gain but for many
generations to come.

These stories depict a people who have found a new home and are committed to making a
contribution to the growth of the economy of the United States and, at the same time, help the
Yemenis back at home. These stories are all a source of inspiration and will go a long way
demystifying the beliefs and misconceptions about the Yemeni immigrants.