Greener Pastures

The push factor lead quite a number of Yemenis to migrate from Yemen to look for greener pastures. The state of the economy was impoverished and other social related issues could not support them to achieve the dreams that they had. This was for the purpose of creating and improving the welfare of the people they love.

The United States, on the other hand, like other neighboring countries of Yemen, had opportunities available for them; this was in the 1960s and 1970s. These opportunities were available in both the industrial and agricultural sectors and Yemenis moved to seize these opportunities.


Most Yemenis settled in Detroit to work in the automobile assembly lines. Some moved to Buffalo to work in the steel mills of Lackawanna and there are those that moved to central California to work in the agricultural fields. Some had a work plan that within a few years of working, they would save up part of their earnings and go back home to invest even as they sent part of their income back home. Others, however, opted to remain behind and settle.

As a community, the Yemenis prefer marrying amongst themselves in order to preserve their culture. This has contributed to the growth of the Yemenis in the United States.

Today, most Yemenis are sharing their experiences most of which are success stories inspiring great a deal of people across the globe. Their contribution to the growth of America is notable since they were available to offer the much sort human resource labor to the United States.

As a result, they were able to earn an income which enabled them support their families back home. A few of those individuals that left their wives and children at home for greener pastures, were not only able to support their families from a distance, but they were able to create an opportunity for them to join them in the United States.


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